Dave Gordon Sextet


Glimpse of Reality - Dave Gordon
Cotton Candy - Jack Gallagher
Ou est Oostburg - Ken Haebich
Metric Miles - Jack Gallagher
Walk in the Park - Dave Gordon
Out of the Air - Dave Gordon
Waiting for Eve - Jack Gallagher
I Can Do That - Brian Gephart
Currently Untitled - Brian Gephart
Every Light in the House - Brian Gephart
Z Blues - Brian Gephart
McCoy - Brian Gephart
Mood You're In - Brian Gephart
Nothing to Lose - Brian Gephart
Summer Showers - Brian Gephart
Ears Have It - Dave Gordon
Slap Back - Dave Gordon
Lagoon - Dave Gordon
Corrugated Radio - Dave Gordon
Eros Sonoro - Dave Gordon
Nothing Left To Lose - Brian Gephart
Rhythm Thyng - Jack Gallagher
Sandhill - Dave Gordon
Virtual Ritual - Dave Gordon
Blues 4 - Dave Gordon
Blues Man - Dave Gordon

Green Line - Brian Gephart
Osmosis - Brian Gephart
Sleepwalkin' Tale - Jack Gallagher

and more to come...